We're Glad You are Here!The Ever Changing Industry of E-commerceWe Sincerely Want You To Achieve Freedom

We're Glad You are Here!

Help us improve our new course, give feedback and together we grow.

The Ever Changing Industry of E-commerce

Here is the start of a good thing. Just start at the first module and begin taking action!

We Sincerely Want You To Achieve Freedom

When you start out small and grow at your own rate success is definitely reachable!

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Hello and welcome to eCom Ruler

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eCom Mod Two

Please start by watching the video. Use the pdf reference as you go. Download the mp3 for use in audio.  …

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Building Your Site

Be sure to watch the videos. Use the pdf’s for references Use the mp3’s for audio….

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eCom Mod Five

Be sure to first watch the video. Use the pdf for reference. Use the mp3 for the audio….

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Welcome to eCom Ruler!

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Paid members are able to access all the modules of eCom Ruler and all of the materials, including bonuses. I would like to personally welcome you and hope sincerely, that you build a profitable e commerce business based on the training found here. We are very happy to have you here and we will do the best we can to keep up with any questions.

This welcome post is to let you know that since eCom Ruler is so new, the material you find on this site will continue to increase. And all members will have complete access to it. As we comb through the current videos and pdf’s we will certainly find points of interest that will spark new training and new videos as well as re-writing any video training that has changes which warrant it.

As all products and services we would like to reach out and ask you for your honest testimonial which we believe will add a little extra incentive to those thinking about joining this site. Also an event calendar will be soon be visible on the site and will announce upcoming changes and products, such as the pro version software and more power tools that make the trading business work like a cinch. Again Thanks for being here, if you are not a member, go ahead and give it a try! After we reach a certain number of members which is undisclosed, the site will remain but will be closed to new members simply because we need to limit the amount people we teach this to, at least for now in the infant stages.

You may download the free buyer/seller software “AgentCheckPoint” here: 

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I have been working on this training a little at a time and meanwhile some of the demonstration videos became outdated in some minor ways. For example; in module 3 the “build your site” section talks about getting a hosting account set up. In the video we go to the registration page and walk through the options. Well guess what, while I recently reviewed that video the page has changed significantly and so did some of the options. Please be patient as I go through the content and remake the ones that need updates to reflect the new! We will work regularly to keep everything fresh and new while adding great new content as well.