Growing Your eCommerce Business!

The goal of the ‘eCom Ruler System’ is to provide training and support to seekers who wish to do business online, but like to have a pathway and guidance system in place to follow.  This program is the result of a time when the author was trying to build an e-commerce business himself, but found out that it was way expensive and extremely challenging.  When you follow along with some of the available online courses, you will see that the material is clear and understandable.  You will see that it is professional with it’s ‘look and feel’ and you can just do what it says without too much confusion.

So I was that guy, doing what it says in the program.  This particular program that I was following, uses ‘Shopify’ as the main training platform.  It’s training modules start by teaching you to join Shopify and then you will have to learn to use their feed and install it over at Google Shopping.  It sounds simple enough, but there was a learning curve with the entire Shopify system and use of their website.  In between that learning curve you were expected to go back to the training modules of this program that I am describing, and continue.  The modules continue to teach daunting things with the reasoning that nothing comes easy.  Okay that is fair enough, I get that.  So I dig in roll up sleeves and continue the learning curves…ie plural.  I go to the next step which is finding great suppliers, and I begin to do as I am taught.

Before you can approach or call these suppliers that you were taught to find, you were told to populate your Shopify page with a niche product that you chose to go with.  Meaning the program was teaching to go find someone else’s website and copy the images of their products or go to the supplier’s website and copy their product images, and then put them on your new Shopify page and write descriptions and prices for them.  Need to copy in around 20 or so phony listings copied from elsewhere.  Now contact the supplier and ask them to take a look at your site and tell them that it is in their best interest if they sell to you because they become a part of all the success that you are building.

So I went on and on and tried to make this work but I had a full time job already; so it was taking me a lot longer than it should and being tired made it a lot harder to muster.  They also had a forum where I could get help but I was just doing what I knew to do and trying to follow the training.  When the month’s end came, the payment to Shopify went out of my account, but I still didn’t have any earnings or any sales, even any suppliers that weren’t actually retailers themselves.

I started to find a better way to set-up an e-commerce business with the help of a friend and we decided to show this better way.  That is when I began writing “eCom Ruler”.  You will not need to copy images of products that you do not own and then try to attract a supplier.  You can do that, but you don’t need to in order to build your business.  You will not need a website of your own at all, however I do teach how to build one in Module 3.  I began selling products and seeing sales that doubled my money, or just under double and sometimes triple my money back, with no website.  So that is why we created this program.  We wanted to bring an easier and cleaner way to take your hard-earned money and double it a little at a time.  Some of it might seem frustrating at first, but most of the time it will put a smile on your face when you see a sale and the profit it brought.  A simple process to understand and follow, that is what we put together here at this site.

Please comment below and tell us how it went with any courses you’ve joined.  Or maybe just ask some questions on what eCom Ruler members are doing to make money, we’d love to hear from you! Comment now!