How About Being Your Own Supplier?

I thought I would offer this as a tip in addition to all the training found in the modules.  This may seem obvious but it isn’t necessarily found in any of the module training.  You will be shown the suppliers that we use which help us to make steady sales and income but in this post I will throw a little tip at you, that you may or may not have thought of yet.

The tip is:  “Don’t overlook the Goodwill stores!”  So I get quite tired of going in these same Goodwill’s scattered around the area where we live, but I found out that if I keep it up I will come across occasional treasures here and there.  I have found products that were in great shape, if not upopened, that were selling on eBay and Amazon for anywhere from 48 dollars to $75.  I payed 6.99, 4.89, 8.99, just prices like that.  Seldom were any of these little treasures over 9 dollars.

Like most recently I picked up an unopened box that was the Addidas OCX 685i sports head phones for 8.99, they are for iPods or iPhones and iPads, brand new in the box.  They still had the bar code and original price on the bottom that says: $79.95.  I don’t actually have iPhone, so I don’t want these cool earphones but I saw them as a little treasure and snached them up to sell in the area of 50 to 70 dollars on Amazon or my eCrater page.

Well it took a few more trips to the stores here and there, and most of the time I see that they just have a bunch of junk in there, with the exception of the clothing that can be quite good, it’s just that I don’t go in there to shop the clothing, I go in to find the occasional treasure.  So after those few more trips I happened on a nice digital camera and checked into it, just use my data on my phone and voice recognition to ask Google about this model and found that it was a ‘still sought after’ Cannon and that it was a nice one.  This camera was in great shape; no flaws, they wanted 7.95 for it.  I snatched it up, at this time they are going for way more than what I just paid, I think that Goodwill thought it was an old 35 mm camera, as it had no batteries or a memory card, but when I added those things it worked flawlessly.  I figured that if I got it home and it didn’t work, I could bring it back and get store credit to use it toward my search for that next treasure.

So that is my tip today.  Don’t overlook the Goodwill as a source of collectables, valuables, and other stuff that will triple and quadruple your money.  Either way, this may not take the place of your suppliers out there on the net but it sure can add to the mix!