How it Works

1. To get started with eCom Ruler works pretty simple.  The training itself requires a membership.  If you would like to go through the training modules then all you need to do is visit the “Membership” page and register.

The form will take you to payment processing and once that is complete you can begin your basic membership license.  This membership does not expire.  You should be able to access all the training modules and download the material at your own pace and will.  Some members have joined from the web page sales letter and are added to this site by administration.

2.  We recommend that you start with module one and watch the videos, listen to the mp3 in your ear buds as you go around, or just read the pdf.  Keep track of the materials or just return to this site to advance on.  Follow along closely and go “all in”  There are no premium upgrades at this time, just the one-off payment makes you a life-time member.

3.  AgentCheckPoint is a free software, so you may download it even if you choose not to take the course.  This software is designed to cut out the hours of research it takes to get familiar with great selling products which can bring a nice profit.  It also takes time out of finding just the right choice if you are looking to buy something online.


If you are interested in e-commerce and doing your own thing to either make extra money on the side, or go full time and run a your own business, this is a low-cost training course ideal for beginners or pros looking to find out what others are doing in the way of techniques and solutions to selling products.

So head over to the membership page and get started Now!