Your “Must Have” E-Commerce Checklist!

The main thing to be focusing on when getting started on the new e-commerce business is a checklist.  Unlike the mind-map which is there to give you a birds-eye view of what you need to do, the checklist is a lineup of the “must do” stuff.  Here is a checklist to consider having as you own to make this work.

Plan the Outlook:

We need to take a little time to sketch out the entire outlook of what we expect to ultimately accomplish.  If this business is a side job then define how much you would earn each month doing it.  If it is a major endeavor or undertaking, then define how it looks once achieved, maybe you could compare it to an existing company that you want it to be like.  Its very helpful to know where you are going.  First populate that dream then work to fill in the tangible elements.

  The Grid:

Well this is the obvious part but it should be looked over.  You need to have all the physical things that make up your business grid, or what is also known as the infrastructure.  So we need to own and secure our office and Internet connection.  Laptop computers work just fine, but I like to have a main computer that I built to handle just about anything that one would do with a computer and have a large main monitor which is one of at least two monitors.  The office has a weigh scale for products, a printer, a small file cabinet since most files are now electronic.  Just the normal stuff you would find in an office.   Some people brag that they can run their business at the coffee shop or library; well, you can get a lot of stuff done there but it is not your private place and devices, it is not your grid.  I recommend being in your own infrastructure for the main running of your business.

Be Different:

Rather than just being another website or online store, see if there is something you can do with it all that stands out from the others.  Like some sellers me be the go-to place to buy unlocked smart phones that were used.  They are the go-to because they specialize in used phones and always have the best quality, non-scratched, like-new phone for sale and at a great price, plus they support their sales fast and with concern for customer satisfaction.  This store is different than the others in that way, you just find your stand out!

Great Hosting

If you followed the training and got on board with Bluehost, you may have established a ground floor hosting account.  The good thing is that they offer the SSL with your account automatically, but the hosting might very well be shared-hosting.  If you are making sales from your website and it is growing and doing well then you need to get dedicated hosting instead.  There is an up charge each year but it is not that much and should be worth it for you growing business.

Run A Tidy Ship:

In the eCom Ruler training we discuss in detail the subject of suppliers.  You want to do your best to avoid people who pose as wholesalers but are just doing the same thing that you are doing, getting products at wholesale prices and selling them as retail.  Yep, some of these middlemen are actually charging right at or just under retail.  Before you buy from a given place, run the product name of interested product you are thinking of getting from them, through the AgentCheckPoint software and find out what the other people are selling it for in comparison to what that company is wanting to charge you.  Quite often you will find that the price they want for it is the same as what it is selling for already on Amazon.  Ideally you should contact actual suppliers and try to convince them to do business with you!

Get In Touch:

Make sure your company brand or just whatever store name you have can get social.  Set up a page at Facebook and probably a group.  You could join other e-commerce groups although I don’t recommend being bogged down or be influenced by people you don’t know that don’t encourage but criticize and down-talk what you do.  So make sure the group is cool. 😉 Most of all; follow the training that teaches how to get lots of traffic to your website.  If you do what is outlined in that pdf and videos, you will see the results that are inevitable once put into practice.  eCom Ruler is full of tips and training that works.  Invest in yourself and your store and join us for this quite affordable training.

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