Your New “eCom Site” Needs Traffic!

So I realize that now that my site is up and looking good, yours too ;), I need to get traffic to it like now!  In the module training you will have seen some solid methods of going about getting the traffic that you need to your slick new e-commerce site.  One of the methods I mentioned in both the module training and over at the ‘Resources Site’, is the “Traffic Exchange” method.  But I also pointed out that I don’t really like most of them for certain reasons.  Kenneth Koh, owner of Leadsleap, has some awesome solutions for a site that can bring along earnings and be a huge resource for website traffic.  I think he didn’t like the majority of the traffic exchange sites or how they worked either…just my guess.  But he has looked at the cookie-cutter exchanges and went in a completely different direction.

And that people; is what caused me to like his platform.  Leadsleap is a place where you can go and let the members know about your site in a non-intrusive way.  Do other marketing as well?  The community understands that they are welcoming you to advertise.  As with traffic exchanges in general, there typically is a surfing script that you would use to get credits which are used to allow runs of your ad.  So you surf and then make credit for surf and your ad runs using up those credits.  Most of the time you can just go pro and get the ads to run without surfing…I hate surfing so I just don’t, because I can think of other things to be doing with my time.

So at Leadsleap you can get a pro account at around 20 month and see steady traffic to your site.  But in the dashboard you will find that it is not just about traffic exchange, they have nailed what it seems that a member would like to have, like a nice tracker to track clicks and views, pop-up maker scripts and plugins at your disposal and a personal rotator for multiple ads.  But I can’t do justice for the quality of Leadsleap by talking about it here, you just need to check it out and then comment here to let me know if you like this traffic site and if it actually works for you.  Love to hear your opinion, remember I don’t really care for traffic exchange sites but for some reason this one doesn’t bother me, in fact I get signups and visits that steadily convert so I’m glad to be there…Go check it out!